OEM Service Information Websites

Vehicle manufacturers are making more & more service information available to the technicians. The following 22 US based technical websites may prove valuable to you in sourcing OEM Service information for the majority of vehicles available in Australia.
Some require on-line payment, others are free.
  1. Audi (www.erwin.audi.com)
  2. BMW/Mini (www.bmwtechinfo.com) or (www.minitechinfo.com) or (www.bmwtis.com)
  3. Daimler/Chrysler (www.techauthority.com)
  4. Ford (www.motorcraft.com)
  5. General Motors (www.gmtechinfo@gm.com) or (www.acdelcotechconnect.com)
  6. Honda/Acura (www.serviceexpress.honda.com)
  7. Hyundai (www.hmaservice.com)
  8. Isuzu (www.isuzusource.com) or (www.isuzutechinfo.com)
  9. Jaguar (www.jaguartechinfo.com)
  10. Kia (www.kiatechinfo.com)
  11. Land Rover (www.landrovertechinfo.com)
  12. Mazda-(www.mazdatechinfo.com)
  13. Mercedes-Benz (www.startekinfo.com)
  14. Mitsubishi-(www.mitsubishitechinfo.com)
  15. Nissan & Infiniti (www.nissantechinfo.com) and (www.infinititechinfo.com)
  16. Porsche (techinfo.porsche.com)
  17. Saab (www.saabtechinfo.com)
  18. Subaru (www.subaru.com) click on "home" and then "technical information"
  19. Suzuki (www.suzukipitstop.com) or (www.suzukitechinfo.com)
  20. Toyota/Lexus (techinfo.toyota.com) and (techinfo.lexus.com).
  21. Volkswagen (www.erwin.audi.com)
  22. Volvo (www.volvotechinfo.com)