ADS COMPUTERISED ENGINE TUNESCOPES Distributors of the acclaimed Australian designed & developed AutoDiagnostics Tunescope that leads the world in on-car engine diagnostics. Each unit comes with an almost limitless library of captured patterns that can be compared instantaneously with the real life pattern. Each unit includes the famous "power & torque" graphics where before & after comparisons can be used to highlight improvements or otherwise in power & torque figures. Being PC computer based systems, replacement costs just dropped 10 fold. And obsolescence no longer applies - software engineering is just an email away. Starting from $10,000 including gst, these engine tunescopes represent value for every workshop.

4 & 5 GAS ANALYSERS AutoDiagnostics portable 4 & 5 Gas Analysers are renown for their robustness in workshops all over Australia and for their accuracy & repeatability in numerous Universities and research facilities in some of the most prestigious centres in the country. Finely priced, these well engineered units can be found deep underground in the mines of the Tasmanian West Coast collecting diesel NOx emissions for health purposes or incorporated in an ADS T600 Tunescope in far North Queensland fine tuning the mixtures on a Porsche 911.
HannaTech DCN-PRO SCANTOOL The handtool of the future - 4 jobs in one. A portable ignition scope, a portable 4 channel lab scope, a digital multi meter with substitution facilities and a post 92/OBD2 scantool for engine, transmission, ABS brakes, SRS air bag, BCM and dash computer systems. The scantool function includes data-stream in real time, data-stream graphing, code extraction & clearing, sensor actuation, etc. For under $10,000 for the Australian Software version, the HannaTech DCN-PRO is the workshop tool of the future.

INJECTOR CLEANING SYSTEMS MotorVac CarbonClean are the professional fuel system cleaning machines that set the standard. Fast and effective, they provide an income generator for the modern workshop. They perform at such a high standard that you can guarantee an improvement to the driveability and fuel efficiency of any petrol or diesel vehicle. Whether a 300hp Tractor, V6 Camry, Honda CBR400 or VW Beetle, for every drop of fuel they use, they make a similar quantity of contaminants - be that water vapour, carbon, toxic oxides and acids and heat - some of which will be trapped within the engine and fuel system. It is these contaminants that cause the loss in fuel economy and power, the harder starting in the morning, that slight flutter under light load, etc. Left unchecked higher fuel consumption will promote increased wear and reduce the life of the engine, quite apart from the unnecessary wasting of fuel. From as little as $4000 you can be a MotorVac professional.