Launch-Tech Victoria appoints Fueltech Trade as diagnostics equipment specialists for Tasmania, on the Launch Range of products:

X431 - Auto Diagnostic Scan Tool
KES200 - Handheld Engine Analyzer
VEA-501 - Gas Emission Analisers

Launch - X431

Super scanner X-431 is the latest automotive diagnostic innovative product based on both automotive electronics and information technology. Its open diagnostic platform not only represents the world's leading diagnostic technology, but also the future tendency and the ultimate solution.

Launch Kes-200

Kes-200 is a handheld engine analyzer that can tests both DIS
and distributor engine with state-of-the-art concepts and
technology. It's a great help to find any problems with ignition,
stating, charging and fuel injection system, as well as various sensors. Making you an expert in the garage immediately.
It has: real time 4-channel oscilloscope; digital multi-meter; easy to use software; build-in library of standard waveform; PC/Print link ports and upgradeable program card. Which all help you provide a professional job.

Launch VEA-501

VEA-501 is a portable automobile exhaust gas analyzer that uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology to determine CO, CO2 and HC concentration, while uses electrochemical sensors to detect O2 and NOx concentration. VEA-501 also measures the oil temperature and RPM, calculates LAMBDA of the engine.
VEA-501 features small size, easy operation, accurate readout, reliable performance and minimum maintenance. It is an ideal choice for garage, auto manufacturer and vehicle inspection station.