CB4 Carbon Blast

CB4 Fuel system cleaner

CB4 Carbon BlastThe most powerful carbon dissolving agent available for use in both petrol & diesel fuel system professional cleaning equipment. When used at the correct concentration, CB4 will not cause an unstable idle risking engine oil contamination, nor foul or damage spark plugs. It will dissolve carbon based contaminants from the fuel system, injectors, the backs of inlet valves and from the combustion chamber. For best results the engine should be at operating temperature, fast idle of around 1000rpm and at the following concentration:

Special Online offer: $220.00 for 5 ltrs

4 cyl: 200ml CB4 in 1.0ltr petrol - 400ml CB4 in 1.0ltr diesel
6 cyl: 300ml CB4 in 1.5ltr petrol - 600ml CB4 in 1.5ltr diesel
8 cyl: 400ml CB4 in 2.0ltr petrol - 800ml CB4 in 2.0ltr diesel